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Quanta 2 minutes
If you’ve ever been in a situation where your Quanta BMC is misbehaving and you need to reset it, you may have noticed that the built in CLI for remote management (SMASH) is missing ipmiutil, or at least it was on my machine. To reset the BMC on a Quanta machine, SSH to the out of band IP address of the server. Once you’ve logged in, run show to list the available ’targets’ for the SMASH CLI.
Dell 1 minute
Today I hit a bit of a speed bump during some ESXi host upgrades. I like to roll out firmware upgrades while I’m upgrading ESXi, and some Dell M620’s decided they didn’t want to play ball. I was using the Dell Bootable Firmware Update utility available here. While the ISO was in fact bootable, none of the scripts or inventory collectors were able to run. Repeated attempts to mount the virtual CDROM would fail, followed by this message: