VCP-NV 2020 (2V0-41.20) Exam Prep Study Guide

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I passed the VCP-NV 2020 exam (2V0-41.20) 29th September 2020. Below you’ll find a collection of links/resources to material I studied leading up to the exam. I also attended the following official VMware courses:

This is by no means a comprehensive repository for everything you’ll need to know, but I think it’s a pretty good starting point.

Section 1 – VMware vSphere Architectures and Technologies

  • There are no testable objectives for this section

Section 2 – VMware Products and Solutions

Objective 2.1 Describe the VMware Virtual Cloud Network Vision

Objective 2.2 Outline the solutions of NSX Portfolio

Objective 2.3 List the use-cases for NSX Data Center

Objective 2.4 Explain the value proposition and features of NSX

Objective 2.5 Identify Physical and Virtual Infrastructure Requirements for NSX-T Data Center

Objective 2.6 Describe NSX Architecture and Component sub-systems

Objective 2.7 Differentiate the functionalities of Management Plane, Control Plane, Data Plane, and Consumption Planes

Objective 2.8 Define NSX-T Data Center Terminology

Objective 2.9 Describe the Logical Switching Architecture and Features

Objective 2.10 Describe the Logical Routing Architecture and Features

Objective 2.11 Describe the NSX-T Data Center Network Services

Objective 2.12 Explain the Edge Architecture and Features

Objective 2.13 Explain the NSX Security Architecture and Features

Objective 2.14 Identify the supported integration platforms of NSX-T (Containers, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, DevOps tools, 3rd Party etc.)

Section 3 - Planning and Designing

– There are no testable objectives for this section

Section 4 – Installing, Configuring, and Setting Up a VMware vSphere Solution

Objective 4.1 Outline the installation and preparation workflow of NSX-T Data Center

Objective 4.2 Deploy and Configure NSX-T Data Center Environment

Objective 4.3 Configure Hypervisor Networking [vSphere and KVM] for NSX-T Data Center



Objective 4.4 Configure and manage Logical Switching Features

Objective 4.5 Configure and manage Logical Routing Features

Objective 4.6 Configure NSX-T Edge Nodes and Edge Cluster

Objective 4.7 Configure NSX-T Data Center Network Services [Layer-3]



Load Balancing

Objective 4.8 Configure NSX Security Features

Objective 4.9 Configure Service Insertion with NSX-T Data Center

East-West Service Insertion

North-South Service Insertion

Section 5 – Performance-tuning and Optimizing Upgrades

– There are no testable objectives for this section.

Section 6 – Troubleshooting and Repairing

Objective 6.1 Identify the default log file locations of NSX-T Data Center components

Objective 6.2 Compare and Contrast Tools Available for Troubleshooting

Objective 6.3 Troubleshoot Common NSX Installation/Configuration Issues

Objective 6.4 Troubleshoot Common NSX Component Issues

Objective 6.5 Troubleshoot Common Connectivity Issues

Objective 6.6 Troubleshoot Common physical infrastructure Issues

Section 7 – Administrative and Operational Tasks in a VMware vSphere Solution

Objective 7.1 List Operations Tasks in a VMware NSX Environment (syslog, backup/restore etc.)

Objective 7.2 Configure roles and permissions for NSX-T Data Center environment

Objective 7.3 Generate Log bundles

Objective 7.4 Monitor a VMware NSX Implementation

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