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With Velero now installed on our cluster, we can create a backup job and protect our data. We can also test restores of our data into a new namespace. I mentioned in the previous post that we’re going to use File-System Backups (FSB) for the applications in our TKG cluster, and you’ll see how that’s handled here. Velero works using the idea of “jobs” - either a backup job or restore job.
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Disclaimer: Most of these notes are based on my own internal wiki notes when I deployed Velero in my lab. They may be out of date between the date of publication and when you read it. What is Velero? Velero is VMware’s open-source backup and restore tool for workloads running in Kubernetes. It’s available to anyone for use on Kubernetes, and supports several combinations of integrations with underlying cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, vSphere, etc).
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 9 minutes
With the announcement and release of TKG 2.1, it’s about time I publish a post on deploying TKGm 1.6 in my vSphere lab. /sarcasm If you aren’t familiar with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) or, more specifically, TKG Multi-Cloud (TKG-m) then I highly suggest having a read over the official documentation: What is TKG. In a nutshell, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is a great solution to deploy and manage Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. TKGs is the variation of TKG that is deeply integrated with vSphere (also known as vSphere with Tanzu), while TKGm can be deployed and managed across one or many clouds, including vSphere.