About me

Hello, I’m Stellios. I work for VMware as a Technical Account Manager from Brisbane, Australia. This is my personal tech related blog for anything private and public cloud related. I love (almost) anything virtual and cloud.

I love designing and building out private cloud infrastructure and have a blast helping businesses use private and public clouds to create something awesome.

Any fixes or workarounds that I’ve detailed on this site are provided as is. Your environment will probably differ to the ones I’ve worked in so please don’t hunt me down if it doesn’t work ;)

If you’re wondering why there are Ads being served on this blog, any money from them goes to supporting my homelab which I use to test and develop content for the blog (where I’ve specified as such).

Disclaimer: My postings are my own and don’t necessarily represent VMware’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Badges and Certifications

In this industry, every vendor and service has their own accreditations, certificates, widgets and collectables. I’ll display mine here instead of increasing the width of the header indefinitely to fit them all in.

cloud-provider.png vexpert-2019 vcix6-dcv-full.png mcse-cloud.png