Watch dvPortgroup Uplink Port changes
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VMware vSphere PowerCLI Cisco ACI

I have a customer about to embark on a (relatively) large Cisco ACI upgrade, followed by a dvSwitch LACP update to Enhanced LACP. This includes updating ACI EPG policies to use the newly created LAG as the primary uplink port. Normally in the vSphere UI, you can view this per port group. But in an environment wth 12 vCenter Servers and 22 distributed switches (and a couple thousand port groups), that manual process can get out of hand pretty quick.

So we needed a way to see all uplinks for the port groups in the environment but with a simple watch style refresh.

This was frankensteined from a couple of samples online:

while ('0' -eq '0') { Get-VDPortgroup | Get-VDUplinkTeamingPolicy |ft VDPortgroup,ActiveUplinkPort,StandbyUplinkPort,UnusedUplinkPort; sleep 4;cls}

VDPortgroup Results

If you need a longer refresh time adjust the sleep duration (seconds) at the end of the command.

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