vCloud Director 9.5 has been released!

VMware has released vCloud Director 9.5!

If you go to the My VMware downloads section you won't find it. You need to change the URL so it has “9_5” on the end:

vCloud Director 9.5 Download

Assuming you have the right entitlements, you'll be able to start downloading the upgrade bin's and the OVA.

To find out what's new, VMware have released a PDF highlighting all the new features: What's new with vCloud Director 9.5

Some of the stand out features for me are:

  • Fully functional HTML5 client for tenants.
    • With support for independent disks!
  • vCloud Director appliance on Photon OS 2
  • IPv6 support for guest machines
  • API enhancements
    • Swagger UI

Get downloading!