vRealize Operations Manager - Outbound REST Notification log location

A quick post today! I was trying to configure the vRealize Operations Manager Outbound REST notification plugin recently and I was having a few issues doing a POST or PUT operation against the specified endpoint. Specifically, I was getting the following message:

Test was not successful: Failed to post or put to the server.

I tried looking around the vROPs Logs section under Administration > Support > Logs but couldn't find anything specific for Outbound Notification plugins. A spot of Googling left me with plenty of information about making a REST call to vROPs but nothing from it.

So, without further delay, the Outbound notification logs are in the analytics log files under /data/vcops/log. I usually run the following command to tail the analytics log files while I'm troubleshooting:

tail -f analytics*.log | grep {hostname-your-POSTing-to}

Giant shoutout to johndias on the VMware {code} Slack channel who pointed me straight to this. It was too good not to share.